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Easy Plant Crafts from Square One

Hooray for crafting that does not require pre-existing skills! To this end Harvest is a compendium of ideas, a little taste of everything, and a way to dabble in DIY to find out what interests may surprise you.

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Sweater Weather

This is a week of firsts. I started my first knit sweater, my first gauge swatch, and my first skein wound with a yarn swift. What inspired all this experimentation? Knitwear designer Hannah Fettig’s newest book Texture. Fettig’s book is full of advice that makes intimidating concepts approachable, and her clean and elegant designs boosted my confidence that if I put all those hours into knitting something as grand as a sweater, I will actually want to wear the results.

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Winter Crafts: Color Knitting

For a knitting book with stunning photography, even more stunning designs, and fresh challenges to cozy up with in the New Year, look no farther than Knitting from the North. Scottish designer Hilary Grant has earned her place as mine, and many others, knitting hero. Grant first learned to knit from her mother and has stayed true to her Scottish roots while revolutionizing traditional northern techniques into Runway worthy designs. In fact, her work has been exhibited at Paris Fashion Week twice now. Her personal investment in her knits makes her relateable to any of us who have born a knitted creation out of love. She designs each work “stitch by stitch” in her private workshop before partnering with a local manufacturer, and finishes each piece by hand.

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A Bit of Glory In Your Spice Cabinet

Like angora wool or silk garments, the word “spice” rings with associations of extravagance and sensation. Choice additions can transform a merely practical dish to one of delectable glamour and possibility, hinting at a God who overflows with creativity, delighting in diversity and abundance–those extra, unnecessary tidbits that shoot fireworks of life for the pure joy of it. The Book of Spice celebrates this bit of glory in your kitchen.

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Around the World In My Kitchen| Rome

  Raise your hand if you love traveling! If you ask me, one can never plant their toes enough places on the globe. The cycle goes: reach a new destination, get homesick, flee home for a few days, then hanker for a new adventure. Of course, my traveling budget is, well, nothing at the moment.… Continue reading Around the World In My Kitchen| Rome

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Devotional Coloring (And Perhaps a Bit of Fun)

I read this week that writing is more about listening than it is about thinking. Similarly, I think that prayer is more about listening than it is about talking. When I pray through a list—the things I “ought” to pray for—my words so often get stuck, my well running dry. Instead, when I inwardly listen… Continue reading Devotional Coloring (And Perhaps a Bit of Fun)