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Easy Plant Crafts from Square One

Hooray for crafting that does not require pre-existing skills! To this end Harvest is a compendium of ideas, a little taste of everything, and a way to dabble in DIY to find out what interests may surprise you.

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Advent: Hope In the Dark

As the long nights descend and the trees grow naked, Advent waits in the marrow of winter’s chill despite the twinkling lights. It is a season of stripping away, even, some might say, of death. It is out of this barrenness that Gayle Boss bore All Creation Waits. Behind the dull cloak of winter green things sprout and new life bulges, it is but the hush before a new beginning.

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A Bit of Glory In Your Spice Cabinet

Like angora wool or silk garments, the word “spice” rings with associations of extravagance and sensation. Choice additions can transform a merely practical dish to one of delectable glamour and possibility, hinting at a God who overflows with creativity, delighting in diversity and abundance–those extra, unnecessary tidbits that shoot fireworks of life for the pure joy of it. The Book of Spice celebrates this bit of glory in your kitchen.

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The Romance of the Rain

  Rain: A Natural and Cultural History Author: Cynthia Barnett Published: Broadway Books, 2015 Length: 292 pages Buy: Amazon Memories of Taylor Swift songs, bare feet, and cold kisses. Perhaps the fragrance of steamy pavement, or the sense of renewal as if everything bad has been washed out to sea, leaving you free to lift… Continue reading The Romance of the Rain

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Scandinavian Creatures and Remote Islands: Coffee Table Reads

A good excuse to splurge on gorgeous books is displaying them on the coffee-table for guests. It’s not a selfish buy when you’re sharing the love. Being an introvert if there ever was one, I maintain full appreciation for the art of fueling conversation indirectly. Awkward silences are nipped in the bud when your guest… Continue reading Scandinavian Creatures and Remote Islands: Coffee Table Reads