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Eugene Peterson On Living from the Inside Out

The only thing I knew about Eugene Peterson before I picked up this book was that he was behind the Message. So I imagined him as a hip, young, guy with maybe a bit too modern taste for my view. But, his reference to Gerard Manley Hopkins in the title of his newest book, As Kingfishers Catch Fire hinted to me that there might be more to this–as I’ve come to learn–aged theologian and life-long pastor than I had discovered. It turns out he embraces the poem of the same name by Hopkins because it marked a shift in his thinking, one of those moments that change the trajectory of a life-time. He suddenly understood with Hopkins that we are born to reflect Christ from the inward to the outward; that this unity between in the inner and outer life  allows us to live out “what I do is me, for that I came”. Despite my early skepticism, I now align Peterson in my thoughts with modern truth-bearers like Tim Keller and John Piper. A man who offers thoughtful, Christ-enlarging, heart-probing insights into scripture and Christian living.

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A Tempest Threw a Rainbow In My Face…

We have spoken of art as a means to enrich the imagination as we turn towards God, allowing us to connect with him more honestly and with understanding. Religious poetry shapes us in this way also, if not even more directly. Hopkins, Donne, Dickinson, and many of the Romantics–who even without intension speak of God’s world as if stripping a veil–have been my gateway to a sacramental appreciation for life. I would like to think that spiritual sensitivity did not end with them.

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Turning Towards God Through Art

Perhaps an image immediately comes to mind when I speak of feasting your eyes on art. For instance, the captivating gaze of Girl With a Pearl Earring, or the striking color palette of a Matisse. Now take this same idea and think of feasting on God–mulling his characteristics over in different lights, and celebrating our dance of living in response to God’s presence. This is the opportunity that sacred art offers. Respected art historian Timothy Verdon has dedicated his masterful work Art and Prayer to helping us receive sacred art as a gateway to prayer.

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Winter Crafts: Color Knitting

For a knitting book with stunning photography, even more stunning designs, and fresh challenges to cozy up with in the New Year, look no farther than Knitting from the North. Scottish designer Hilary Grant has earned her place as mine, and many others, knitting hero. Grant first learned to knit from her mother and has stayed true to her Scottish roots while revolutionizing traditional northern techniques into Runway worthy designs. In fact, her work has been exhibited at Paris Fashion Week twice now. Her personal investment in her knits makes her relateable to any of us who have born a knitted creation out of love. She designs each work “stitch by stitch” in her private workshop before partnering with a local manufacturer, and finishes each piece by hand.