Burnt sun

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  1. the appearance of something of such supreme worth that it begins to make sense of all the breakage, the heartache and distress of our world. (Luci Shaw)

My quest is to pursue the beauty in the mess. To partake of Christ incarnate–with us–in each ordinary day. This journey is meant to be shared, I welcome you to join me!

In words…

Literature that speaks redemptive truth, tangles to hope, and wrestles with living well. As these realities transcend the author, the works need not be directly faith-based. I find that some of the richest offerings are found on a child’s shelf.

I focus on, but am not limited to, new and upcoming works. I am passionate about helping worthy books find their audience.


Personal devotional reflections on seeking a life consumed by Christ.

& Home (i.e. nook)…

Cookbooks and crafting books for those that delight in the joyful extravagance of taste, design, and of the act of creating–in other words, delighting in a beautiful God.


So, who am I?

My name is Amanda Rogozinski and, with a classical education background in Psychology and English Literature, I have found my vocational nook in the library world. I reside in artsy Ann Arbor, MI with my Polish husband and adopted puppy, where we spend our time delighting. We craft, cook dishes from around the world, explore nature-scapes, and drink words. You can usually find me with a steaming cup in hand, and preferably a spot of rain (or a deluge with bruise-soaked storm clouds).

By the way:

You may support The Willow Nook endeavor by purchasing books through the Amazon links clickable in various posts. Comments and post-sharing also bless my heart!

Many of the books I talk about on this site I have obtained as digital or print Review Copies from various sources, in exchange for my honest review.



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