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You must forgive my pre-disposition to classics, but this month in the book world is incredibly exciting because four wonderful  time-honored authors are being offered in an entirely fresh way! Laura Ingalls Wilder, Harper Lee, Emily Dickinson, and Jane Austen. I feel like I’m being given the opportunity to re-live my childhood heroes, but with the added richness of an educated perspective. For those more interested in people currently alive, I will start out this month’s insider list with the anticipated new book by a pastor whom everyone loves (and quotes), John Piper.

full_a-peculiar-gloryA Peculiar Glory: How the Christian Scriptures Reveal Their Complete Truthfulness
by John Piper
March 31, 2016

Piper gives a surprising approach to how we can rest our faith on scripture, emphasizing how the Bible is self-authenticated by revealing God’s unique glory, and through this captivates those whose eyes are opened. He also throws in a good measure of apologetics as background, painting a history of how we got the scriptures we hold in our hands, and if we can trust the words we read. My full review is soon to come.


tru and nelleTru & Nelle
by G. Neri
March 01, 2016

This chapter book tells the story of Harper Nelle Lee and Truman Capote’s childhood friendship during their summers in Monroeville, Alabama. What perfect timing as a way to honor Nelle in her recent passing. [See my full review here]



laura ingallsThe Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Edited by William Anderson
March 08, 2016

I fondly remember my “Little House” phase, where I gobbled up all five books from the set, and then obsessively went on to read Rose Wilder’s works (her daughter), all the while dressing up like a pioneer girl and trying out old fashioned recipes. My favorite image from the Little House books is being cozied up for winter with pumpkin seats, and garlands of garlic and onions strung from the ceiling. I’m super excited to re-visit my Wilder days with this collection of letters.

These letters span sixty years of Laura’s life, and were rounded up from museums, archives, and personal collections. Many of us know this courageous woman purely through the Little House Books, but she was so much more than the endearing snap-shot these stories have given us. These letters show Laura from multiple angles: who was she in her years of fame? or during the Depression? She could be labeled a farm woman, a journalist, an author, a business woman, or all of the above. Just like us, she held political and philosophical opinions, and balanced roles as wife, mother, and friend. What an opportunity to learn of this remarkable woman up close. The background provided by biographer William Anderson, who researched all of the references in these letters, makes this publication even more comprehensive. (summarized from the book description, as I am waiting to check this volume out from the library)

Dickinson poemsEmily Dickinson’s Poems: As She Preserved Them
by Emily Dickinson, Cristanne Miller
March 14, 2016

If you have ever wanted to witness a poet in the process of being a poet, now is your chance. Every poem Emily Dickinson retained is exhibited in this 864 page volume, shown in her own careful penmanship, with her own revisions and alternate phrasing. It also contains notes explaining Dickinson’s allusions, and an introduction that summarizes “debates within Dickinson scholarship”. I anticipate this volume being equally wonderful for casual browsing or meaty exploration. (summarized from book description)


jane austenLibrary of Luminaries: Jane Austen: An Illustrated Biography
by Zena Alkayat, Nina Cosford
March 15, 2016

I really want to know what objects Jane kept on her desk, and how much Emma originally sold for. This Austen Bio promises to let me into the secret. You can tell just by the cover what gorgeous illustrations fill this entire work. Excerpts from her letters provide many of the details as the biography charts Austen’s life, beginning in her childhood, and reveals the inspiration for the novels we all cherish.  Each page has a hand-written tidbit about Austen’s history, and an illustration to bring it to life. See for yourself here.

Finally, let’s hear a cheer for the book to movie adaption coming to theaters March 18th…wait for it….

The Little Prince



Definitely on my calendar.

What are you anticipating this month?



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